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Publications SURFIN-USA

Cornelissen, F., Daly, A. J., Liou, Y., Swet, J. van, Beijaard, D., & Bergen, T.C.M. (2014). More than a master: Developing, sharing and using knowledge in school-university research networks. Cambridge Journal of Education. 44(1), 35-57.


Moolenaar,N.M., Daly, A.J., Cornelissen, F., Liou, Y., Caillier, S., Riordan, R., Wilson, K., & Cohen, N.A. (2014).

Linked to innovation: Shaping an innovative climate through network intentionality d educators' social network position. Journal of Educational Change, 15(2), 99-123.


Cornelissen, F. (Accepted). Getting your knowledge 'out there': Finding your knowledge ambassadors or how they find you. In S.Caillier, & H.Lattimer (Eds.), Living the work: Reflections on Action Research in Schools.


Stacey Caillier is the Director of the High Tech High Graduate School of Education Teacher Leadership M.Ed program. Stacey began her career as a high school physics and math teacher in Portland, Oregon. Prior to coming to HTH she completed her doctorate at UC Davis. At her dissertation site she collaborated with teachers to design and implement an action research project that led to many school-wide reforms. 


Frank Cornelissen is a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK) and the University of California San Diego. Previously, he worked in the field of education as an elementary school teacher, consultant, researcher and senior policy advisor of the Dutch Education Council. Frank's research revolves around the developing, sharing and using of knowledge from teacher research in schools, universities and partnership networks.


Alan Daly is Professor and Chair of the Department of Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego. Over the last 15 years Alan has held a wide variety of positions in public education ranging from classroom teacher to district psychologist to site administrator. His research interests include social capital, the analysis of social networks, trust, educational leadership and policy.


Yi-Hwa Liou is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California San Diego. Previously, she served as a school teacher and a research coordinator at the National Academy for Educational Research in Taiwan. Yi-Hwa's research interest include social capital, the analysis of social networks, professional learning communities, data-driven decision making, principal and teacher leadership.


Rob Riordan is co-founder of the High Tech High and President of the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. He has worked as a teacher, trainer and program developer for over 40 years. As a teacher he developed an award winning writing center and two high school internship programs for which he was named National School to Work Practitioner of the Year in 1994. Prior to founding HTH Rob taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was a Senior Research Associate and Director of the New Urban High School Project.


Kelly Wilson is the Director of the High Tech High Graduate School of Education School Leadership M.Ed program. After completing her M.A. in Education at Stanford University, she started teaching and helped establishing a small charter school for underserved students in East Palo Alto. She continued her teaching at first High Tech High school as a math/physics teacher. After that she helped open the second high school and was Director for 5 years. Kelly loves learning from her graduate students and being pushed to think more deeply about school design and innovation.


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SURFIN-USA is a research partnership between the University of California and the Charter Management Organization of the High Tech High in San Diego. Their research focuses on understanding HTH's innovative school environment and the way their embedded Graduate School supports teacher research, research-based knowledge flow and school reform. The partnership started in 2010 and has led to several joint studies and publications.
More about the High Tech High
Below you can read more about the people who are collaborating in this partnership.
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