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Previous Publications of the SUPER Partnership (selected)


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McLaughlin, C., Waterhouse, J., McLellan, R. and Morgan, B. (2010). Collaborer dans la recherché: etude de l'action dans un tiers-espace. In P. Masson (Dir.), V. Baumfield, K. Otrel-cass, M. Pilo. Rethinking partnership in education/(Re)penser le partneriat en Education. Book Edition, Lille, France.


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Ros McLellan is a Lecturer in Teacher Education and Development at the University of Cambridge and the Partnership Coordinator of the SUPER network. Previously Ros taught mathematics and psychology in secondary schools. She enjoys working collaboratively with schools to develop strategies that make a real difference to teaching and learning in the classroom. Her research focuses on creativity, student wellbeing, and student engagement.


Frank Cornelissen is a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Cambridge and the University of California San Diego. Previously, he worked in the field of education as an elementary school teacher, consultant, researcher and senior policy advisor of the Dutch Education Council. Frank's research revolves around the developing, sharing and using of knowledge from teacher research in schools, universities and partnership networks.


Bethan Morgan got interested in research when after 17 years in teaching she had the opportunity to study on a masters course with Donald McIntyre and Ken Ruthven at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Since 2007, she’s worked with SUPER and jointly co-ordinates the SUPER MEd in the faculty with Ros McLellan.


Jan Schofield is a Teaching Associate in the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education whilst continuing to work as an Assistant Headteacher at Biddenham International School and Sports College in Bedford. Biddenham is a member of the Schools University Partnership for Educational Research (SUPER) network and some aspects of blending both roles includes a range of educational reform projects working with Kazakhstani colleagues. Her MEd involved research with the DfE; particular interests are in partnership and networking, professional learning and teacher education.

SURFIN-England 1  is a collaborative study in the context of the longstanding research partnership SUPER between the University of Cambridge and local schools in the Cambridge County. The study focuses on understanding the development of research cultures in schools and the way research-based knowledge is shared and used among educators in schools.
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