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Linda Keuvelaar-Van den Bergh is a lecturer and researcher at the School of Teacher Training for Special Educational Needs, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands). Previously, she worked as an elementary school teacher, remedial teacher and as researcher and lecturer at the Fontys Teacher Training Institute for Primary Education where she coordinated the partnership between teacher education and schools. Her research interests include teacher feedback, teacher professional development, the relationship between science and practice and diversity in primary education.


Anje Ros is an associate professor (lector) at the Fontys School for Child Studies and Education, Fontys University of Applied Sciences and senior consultant at KPC Group,

’s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands). Her research interests focus on learning processes, implementation of innovative education and the relationship between science and practice.

SURFIN-Holland 1 is a partnership in the South of Holland between several school boards, the Fontys Teacher Training Institute for Primary Education and schools in which student teachers do their internships. Nearly 60 elementary schools participate in the partnership. 18 of these schools are so-called ‘academic professional development schools’ in which teachers and students collaborate in research that is aimed at school development.

Below you can read more about the researchers that coordinate this partnership.