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Project SURFIN-Holland 2

SURFIN-Holland 2 comprises 30 research and development projects in secondary education in the Netherlands. In these projects researchers, consultants, school leaders and teachers collaborated in improving education in schools and bridging the research-practice gap. The study focuses on the cross-professional collaboration among teachers, school leaders and researchers in the R&D projects.

Below you can read more about the researcher who conducts the overarching study into the processes and outcomes of these research partnerships.
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Schenke, W., Geijsel, F., Van Eck, E., & Volman, M. (2014). Werken op dezelfde golflengte [Working on the same frequency]. Utrecht: VO-Raad.


Schenke, W., Volman, M.L.L., Driel, J.H. van, Geijsel, F.P. & Sligte, H.W. (2012). Cross-professionele samenwerking in de context van ontwikkel- en onderzoeksprojecten in het voortgezet onderwijs [Cross-professional collaboration in the context of development and research project in secondary education]. Pedagogische StudiŽn, 89, 350-363.

Wouter Schenke is a PhD candidate working at the Kohnstamm Institute, University of Amsterdam. Until recently he was also a geography teacher and research coordinator at a secondary school in the Netherlands. Spring 2014, he has been working for three months at Stanford University where he received feedback on his studies from researchers working at the Center to Support Excellence in Teaching. His research interests include cross-professional collaboration between researchers and schools, professional learning communities and teacher research.

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