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Robert Rosenthal is the Schools Partnership Leader and Master of Education (M Ed) Convenor for the School of Education. In 2001 he was awarded the UCL Fawcett Fellowship for Geography teachers and in 2010 Chartered Geographer status by the Royal Geographical Society. In 2012 he was awarded a University of Sussex Teaching Award and in 2014 he completed his doctorate which investigates the contribution of student teachers to knowledge creation in secondary schools.


Colleen MCLaughlin is a Professor of Education. She worked at the University of Cambridge prior to coming to Sussex, where she was a Deputy Head of Faculty and Director of International Initiatives. She has also worked as a school teacher, counsellor and Local Authority Adviser. Her professional and academic interests lie in the following areas: the counselling and care of young people, this particularly includes issues around vulnerable children and exclusion; school-university partnerships for educational research and practice improvement; sexuality education and the consultation and collaboration with young people on this topic; and educational reform with a particular emphasis on teacher development.


Gillian Hampden-Thomson is Professor and leads the Centre for Teaching and Learning Research. Having both a background in research and teaching, Gillian was previously the Director of Research in the Department of Education at the University ofYork (2008-2014) and a research analyst and project leader at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, DC (2004-2008). Prior to embarking on her graduate studies, she was a secondary school teacher in the UK. Working across a broad range of educational projects, her research broadly addresses issues surrounding social justice.


Brian Hudson is Professor of Education and Head of the School of Education and Social Work at the University of Sussex. He was the main Organiser of the World Education Research Association (WERA) International Research Network on Didactics - Learning and Teaching, Chair of the Publications Committee of the College of Teachers and Associate Editor of the Journal of Curriculum Studies. Before entering higher education he was a secondary school teacher of mathematics for fifteen years working in comprehensive schools, including five years as Head of Mathematics in an 11-18 high school.


Simon Thompson is the Director of Initial Teacher Education, senior lecturer in Education and PGCE History Tutor at Sussex. Before joining the University of Sussex in 2002 he was a History teacher and head of department.


Andy Chandler-Grevatt is a Teaching Fellow in Science Education. He was a secondary science teacher for ten years, five of which he was an Advanced Skills Teacher specialising in formative assessment. He is interested in subject knowledge development in trainee teachers and his intellectual passion is Assessment for Learning through leveled assessment in science.


Julia Sutherland is a Senior Lecturer in Education, Co-Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Research and leads the MA in Education Studies. She has particular expertise in secondary English and literacy education. Julia came to Sussex from a 16-year teaching career. She has been involved with significant curriculum development at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is currently engaged with major expansion of the new MA in Education to include a range of part-time pathways. This course is associated with the new Research Partnership with Schools.


Irene Dallaway-Gonzalez is a Teaching Fellow in Mathematics Education at the Department of Education at the University of Sussex.


Vanessa Regan has a background in psychology, social administration, social work, languages and education. Her special interests are in second language acquisition and professional mentoring. She supports mentors in partnership schools.


Tamsin Hinton Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education based in the School of Education and Social Work, and Course leader for the University's Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE). She is also Associate Director of the University's Centre for Gender Studies.


SURFIN-England 2 This Sussex Research Network is a Schools-University Partnership between the Department of Education at the University of Sussex and eight local schools. The network engages schools in researching their own practice, learning from research, and engaging in large-scale research projects with university-based colleagues.  


Below you can read more about the people who are collaborating in this partnership.
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