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Jordi Riera is currently Professor of education at the University Ramon Llull and Vice-rector of academic policy and Deputy Rector at the same University. In the field of research, is the Principal investigator of the research group on Education, Society and innovation with the support of information and communication technologies (PSITIC) the Faculty of psychology, Education and sports sciences Blanquerna (FPCEEB). He is the author of various articles, books and chapters of books on education, the Social education and educational innovation.


Mireia Civis is professor of education the University Ramon Llull with experience both in the field of social education and school education. She is the responsible researcher in the research group PSITIC.


Jordi Diaz has a degree in physical activities and sports and a master in socio-educational transformation leadership. In 2014 he received his PhD in education at the University Ramon Llull, entitled 'The effectiveness of socio-educational networks: The leadership of the innovation place∑Borat'.


Suzana Sainz is teaching as primary master and a specialist English in primary and secondary schools. She has experience as a director of studies in primary school.


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The research group Pedagogy, Society and innovation with the support of information and communication technologies - PSITIC of the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona, develops its research activity, training and transfer of knowledge and services, around new networked paradigms on education and society, and specifically on the quality and sustainability of the processes of transformation and innovation in education, with the support of the information and communication technologies and the new sociodigitals environments.

Below you can read more about the researchers that coordinate this network.

Publications (selected)


Diaz-Gibson, Civis, & Guard (2013). Strengthening Education through Collaborative Networks: Leading the Cultural Change. School Leadership & Management.


Diaz-Gibson & Civis (2011). Networks socioeducatives promoters of social capital in the community. A theoretical frame of reference. Culture and education, 23(3), 415-429.


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