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Project SURFIN-England 3

Chris Brown and colleagues at the Institute of Education (University College London) are studying the processes and outcomes of Evidence-Informed Practice in schools.

One of the major projects is funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (U.K.) to work with 100+ primary schools in England to increase their use of research.

Below you can read more about Chris Brown's background and publications in this area.
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Publications selected:


Brown, C. (2015). Leading the use of research & evidence in schools. London: IOE Press.


Greany, T. & Brown, C. (2015). Partnerships between teaching schools and universities. London: London Centre for Leadership in Learning, UCL IOE. 


Brown, C. (2014). Advancing policy makersí expertise in evidence-use: A new approach to enhancing the role research can have in aiding educational policy development. Journal of Educational Change. 15, 1, p. 19-36.


Brown, C. (2014). Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education: A sociological grounding. London: Bloomsbury. 

Chris Brown is a Senior Lecturer in the London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL), UCL Institute of Education. He has a long-standing interest in how evidence can aid the teaching practice, and has written several books (including 'Making Evidence Matter' and 'Leading the Use of Research and Evidence in Schools') and articles in this area.